People in this world do not believe or accept the judgment of God at all, but rather slander those who speak that way.

However, the words of the Bible will surely come true, and all the judgments in the “Revelation of John” will always be made on this earth.

No matter how much people live in peace as usual now, at one point they suddenly attack.

In fact, almost every tribulation in the world has suddenly hit many people without warning.

Now is the “end time” written in the Bible. It is a turning point of the times.

At this time, God always makes judgments as written in the apocalypse.

When the world is full of evil, God always makes strict judgments. Whether people believe it or not.

Some people wonder why God judges people even though he is a god of love, but because he loved the world so much, if people do not answer that love, God will judge the world extremely.

It is the same as men and women who love each other with a passionate heart, the more the love cools down rapidly.

And no matter how you look at it, the world today is completely full of evil.

Even if you look at this situation, you can see that the time of judgment is near.

Who is the one who still cleanses and lives with a good heart in this evil world?

While looking around the world, God is constantly looking for such a righteous man with fiery eyes.

RAPT article82 4/72016


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