I wish…..

Please open your eyes..Look at that…

There are Rapt stand on your side…

Please to Listen carefully…

Sincerely hope that the world will be full of true peace.

Today, the world is chaotic and dark.
A small number of elites plot for their own convenience,
Because they are doing various wrongdoing all over the world.
Their criminal activity never stops,
It is no exaggeration to say that the world is being eaten by them.
Unless they eradicate their wrongdoing, there will be no war or crime from the world.
However, even if I say this
For some people, it may sound like just a joke.
This is because the major media do not report any of these things.
We Japanese, and all other people are completely deceived by the media and are not informed of the truth.
To break through such a situation
We RAPT tell the hidden truth of the world and keep singing and talking about truth.

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