God masters and uses those who love him.

God loves those who love him, and he chooses and uses them to broaden his will.

However, when we actually try to expand the will of God, we cannot do things with just “love.”

Therefore, God deliberately sends the selected person to the place where the tribulations and persecution blow and receive the training.

Then, let them endure the pain of the bad guys, make them pray, and train them.

And when that person is fully mastered, God will send him into the world and expand his will through him.

People who do not love God from the bottom of their hearts tend to abandon God and go on their own path when they are hit by hardships and hardships, but those who love God from the bottom of their hearts face any kind of hardships and hardships. I will continue to love God and try to pursue only the way that God is pleased with.

Therefore, God can use such a person with peace of mind.

If we believe in and love God anyway, we must become human beings that God can use with peace of mind at all times.

In the world of God, “love” is more important than anything else, and it starts with “love” and ends with “love.”

I always pray that the readers of this paid article will be truly loved by God.

It is the happiest path for each person to grow in that way.


May you all have a blessing from God.

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