Rapt blog.

Rapt blog.

What you really need to know is different from what you want to know.

I feel that most of the “common sense” that is prevailing in the world is far from the “truth.”

Information that is not “truth” is widespread in the world and clings to people’s minds as “common sense”, so it must seem that many people are living their lives feeling somehow stuffy. Because.

Since the information of lies that do not make people happy becomes “common sense” in this world and sticks in people’s heads, many people live without being happy and feeling happy. For example, why do people have to spend a lot of money to learn self-development or attend business seminars when they want to succeed in something big? In this era of so much information, it seems that all such useful information is hidden from the public eye.

So why did that happen? Why is the “common sense” that overflows in the world far from the “truth”? The theory is simple.

First of all, people want to lie for their own self-interest and to exaggerate themselves.

Also, I think that people who hate or are jealous of themselves are often said to be bad people and condemn the true people.

As a result of such things being done day and night all over the world, I think that the “truth” has been overshadowed and the “lie” has become infested. The media is the most convinced criminal. The media now lie for the benefit of some and profess those who are not villains to be villains. And many people are brainwashed by touching the information and come to think that it is not “truth” as “truth” or “common sense”.

The history of this earth has been made by repeating such things many times. The “truth” has always been twisted by someone. As a result, the information in the world was greatly distorted, and people were forced to live a life in which hope was hard to see.

When the world becomes such a state, the person who tells the “truth” is regarded as a “maverick”. Therefore, people never know that a “lie” is a “lie” and cannot awaken to the “truth.”

I think that is the reality of this world.

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